About us

A revolutionary formation with a feisty, sophisticated name, created at the beginning of 2012.

The name relates to one of its instruments being played – a suka bilgorajska,
an old Polish plucked instrument. Polish folk tunes are the starting point for composing pieces.

This is an attempt to translate roots music into a language of the modern world,
an artistic provocation based on folk poetics and roots lyric poetry. The arrangement
of songs considerably differs from their originals, both in musical and lyrical terms.
They are a result of getting together of women-musicians with strong characters, working with various musical genres from folk, classical, ethno to contemporary ones on a daily basis.

Thus, you can hear in SAME SUKI a wide range of acoustic instruments:
the suka bilgorajska, a fiddle from Plock, a Turkish rebab, a cello, a bendir, a cajón and other percussion instruments. Folk music, unrestrainedly and unconventionally presented, forms stories told by a versatile female vocal.

Same Suki are the award winners of:

– ‘New Tradition’ Polish Radio Festival in Warsaw in 2012, where they received a special award – recording sessions at Polish Radio studio, funded by Channel 2 of the Polish Radio;

– ‘Dragon Folk Fest’ Festival in Poznań in 2013, where they became the winners
and were awarded with Złota Fujara (Golden Pipe);

– ‘Mikołajki Folkowe’ (Folk St Nicholas’ Day) International Festival in Lublin in 2013
where they became runner-ups for ‘good musicianship, well thought through vision
of stage presentation, using traditional folk instruments and embarking on bold topics
breaking the taboo in the culture’. They also got an Audience Award.

In October 2013, the band’s debut album titled ‘Niewierne’ (‘The Unfaithful’) was
released. Second album ‘ACH, MOJ BORZE’ was released in November 2018.

Magdalena Wieczorek – vocal, kazoo
Helena Matuszewska – suka (bilgoraj suka), kaszgar, turkish rebab, voice, vocals
Karol „Suka” Gadzało – contrabass, vocals
Patrycja Betley – frame drums, cajon, bodran, baraban, log drum, timbales, djembe, vocals

Bilgoray Suka – traditional Polish string instrument originating from the region of Bilgoraj town in south-eastern Poland. What makes suka unique among other instruments is the fingernail technique, where the strings are stopped not by pressure but by a side touch of the nail.