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Patrycja Napierała – bendir, cajon, udu, percussion instruments:

Patrycja is a percussionist connected with leading performers of Polish etno scene – Shannon, Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra and Maayan.
Genres which Patrycja deals with daily are ethno and folk. In her lifework you can find a range of percussion instruments: a BODHRAN, typical for an Irish culture or the Middle-East related culture – a BENDIR, a DUFF, a DOUMBEK to CAJÓN or Nigerian UDU. Since the end of 2011 she has been an official endorser of Robert Forkner’s bodhrans being the only woman out of two bodhranists of non-Irish origin, who have their own bodhrán signatures. She eagerly shares her passion with others by running workshops for children, teenagers and adults. More at: