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Magdalena Wieczorek-Duchewicz – vocal:
Magdalena completed the vocal department of F. Chopin 2nd Level Music School in Warsaw.
She is very comfortable with different music styles. She collaborated with jazz musicians such as Bogdan Hołownia among others, recorded an album with a jazz rock band Le Blue, she sang religious Afro-Cuban music as a lead vocal for Odo Irawo band,
started by David Saucedo Valle. Stage song is also within her scope of interest, for performing of which she was recognized at ‘Pamiętajmy o Osieckiej’ (‘Remember Osiecka’) Festival and ‘Mufka’. Her passion for folk music commenced at home where singing folk songs accompanied all family celebrations.
Apart from that, Magda is writing song lyrics, is a psychologist, vegetarian and an active member of ecological organizations.